On Property Management: Should You Buy or Should You Rent?

Dallas Fort Worth property management Westrom Group

With house prices skyrocketing, new generations are second guessing the practicality of the age-old belief that owning a house is the biggest achievement in life. For the average working class individual or family, such an endeavor is certainly not something to take lightly because sometimes, this can lead to financial disaster. On the flip side,…

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On the Road: Fort Worth’s Food Scene

Fort Worth Texas’s food scene offers an extensive selection of restaurants for casual diners and connoisseurs alike. The area has become a melting pot of gastronomic diversity over the years, stepping out from the usual South Western BBQ, Tex-Mex flare which Texas is typically known for. Here we name some hotspots worth visiting: 44Bootlegger Drink…

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Rental Property Hunting Tips: How to Avoid Scammers

wesstrom rental property hunting tips

Census data shows that the median cost of rent in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area was roughly $949 in 2014, while average gross rent was $1,000. As of June 2016, the average cost of rent for the Dallas and Fort Worth areas ranged from a low of around $880 to a high of around $1,500.…

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More IT Jobs to Open in Dallas, Says Dallas Executives

  People looking to move to other states to find better jobs are in for some good news. A recent survey conducted by staffing agency Robert Half (a member of the S&P 500 index)  showed that 57 percent of Dallas Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are planning to fill open IT positions, with 18 percent planning…

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How to Avoid Rental Property Scams

rental property management tips Westrom

Rental property scamming is a thriving business, and as one of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s top property managers, we at Westrom Group would like to share our own tips on how to avoid rental property scams.   It’s an expensive lesson in caution for the unfortunate people who happen to become victims of rental property…

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