The Secret to Best Property Management In Keller, Texas

Property Management In Keller, Texas

There’s this thing that property managers do…. it’s not doing their job well. They’ll wrap you up in big words and some really good talk but not do the one thing that can make or break a residential property here in Keller: Maintenance.


The Critical Mistake With Keller Property Management

Property maintenance is the silent killer, it’s that one factor that can potentially ruin your property’s chances of reaching its full potential. So what do you do to avoid this from happening to your property? Keller Property Management cannot afford bad maintenance. This critical mistake will, however, very easily cost you some good tenants.


Why Is Maintenance A Gamechanger?

Property management is 75% property maintenance.

Let’s be brutally honest, no one’s going to tell you but maintenance is a BIG deal: it is the be-all end-all of all property management services and this is exactly where most of them struggle so badly, everything ends up in a big loss to you. This is the ugly part, the part that requires the ugly effort and no one wants to jump to this one so they skim over it and let you drown in 43 other things they do. Getting one thing straight is important: if maintenance is neglected, nothing else they do for your property will matter once it’s rented.


What Do Property Management Companies Do?

A good property manager will do what’s the simplest most efficient way of keeping a property at its optimum rent: maintenance. Maintenance is not hard, it’s just how you regulate your tasks. A good property management company will not let you feel the slightest bit of inconvenience but a bad one will make sure you regret ever getting a residential property in Keller in the first place. Here’s how to find the difference between the good and the bad:


A Good Property Management Company

       Other Property Managers

  • Will look into repair and maintenance timely
  • Will not charge you absurd amounts of money
  • Will sort out issues pretty quickly and efficiently
  • Will assist with urgent and emergency jobs
  • Will know handymen all around town for the best job
  • Will take care of your bills for you
  • Will make it as smooth a process as can be
  • Will be unaware of any maintenance needs
  • Will charge you like you are rich
  • Will be sloppy and lazy in its troubleshooting
  • Will get inexperienced workmen
  • Will add in extra service charges
  • Will throw you to the wolves in time of emergency
  • Will make sure you feel the burn every time you have an unhappy tenant to deal with


It Can Cost You Thousands

You won’t just lose your night’s sleep with bad maintenance jobs from your property management company. It is going to be far more than that! A lot of things can cost you thousands. High paying tenants take minutes to walk away because they know they’ll get a whole lot of deals in the budding residential property game in Keller. So here’s the key:

Your maintenance is not done well? It Can Cost You Thousands

Maintenance takes too long? It Can Cost You Thousands

Emergency maintenance not available? It Can Cost You Thousands

Maintenance incomplete? It Can Cost You Thousands

Sloppy work? It Can Cost You Thousands

Not done in time? It Can Cost You Thousands

So what would you do? Let a bad property management company suck the life out of your hard earned property or pick a manager who actually knows what he’s on to.


Turnover is costly

We don’t realize it but it all blows up once you have a whole lot of turnovers happening around your residential property. Keller is a place people come to stay in and if your property management company can’t deal with something as simple as maintenance, there will be unhappy tenants who would opt for newer, more maintained places. Turnovers bites hard and the financial dip is not something you’d want on your plate.


Solution? Get you a property management company that knows its way around Keller. Get you someone who knows experts around town to get your residential property maintained in no time!


We Know Keller

We do it locally. With our own residential properties, we have a fair idea of who to call and when. We’ve got connections all around Keller: handymen, contractors, subcontractors and workmen with the best practices for the best results. We have designed a foolproof team that take care of everything for you without you even batting a lash.


No Kickbacks

We don’t do any of that. No extra charges, no markups, no kickbacks, no off paper charges for property maintenance. It’s simple, we charge no maintenance charges for maintenance at your residential property! Our practices are fair and clear, one of the things that make us stand out among the BEST Property Management Companies in Keller.


Expert Maintenance

We are not bringing clueless kids to your place. We get the experts who know what they are doing and do it well. We personally know our vendors  and create connections with them where they clearly communicate our expectations. There is no second grade work happening while this property management company watches!


Quick, Fair, Efficient

The work we put into our maintenance teams across the Keller area pays off every time. We have many great reviews based on the accuracy and speed of the repair and maintenance work all across the several Keller residential properties that we manage.

Here’s hoping you’ll never make the critical mistake of choosing a property management company that does not do your Keller residential property justice with excellent property maintenance.