The Best Property Management Company In Keller

Property Management Keller

What got you here? You are on a quest, we get it! The right kind of residential property deserves the right kind of caretaking. Congratulations! You own a house here! Top-notch city, Keller is magnificent, Keller is awesome but Keller is super confusing when it comes to finding the best property management company. Here is the cheat sheet for finding the BEST property management company in Keller.

The Struggle Everyday

The struggle is real, we understand. We get calls every single day. People really want their properties taken care of and maintained. But then the question arises, why not self-manage? Here is why:

Self Managing a Property

      Hiring a Property Manager

  • The unreal hassle of maintenance
  • The stress of hunting tenants
  • Background checks
  • Trust issues
  • Eviction horror stories
  • Applications, leases, paperwork
  • Accounts, endless accounts
  • Maintenance handled 24/7
  • Complete tenant management
  • Top-notch background checks
  • Tenant retention
  • Evictions are a non-issue
  • Paperwork, done and dusted
  • Accounting is all done for you!


The Wrong Questions

Okay, now you own a 250K plus residential property in Keller. Now what? Now you go about and start asking property manager questions?

Here is the massive deadly mistake….they are the wrong questions. We hear them every day. People are curious, they want to know our systems and procedures and tenant screening processes. These are simple, easy questions that any property manager can say anything. Where’s the integrity? Let us let out a secret:  It’s a catch, rejoice! We cornered an innocent person with big, bad words they feel are legit!  We have seen it happen again and again. Five, ten buzzwords, crack in a fake promise, add a dash of fake certificates you printed from a certificate creator online and there you have it, good men fooled!

The main idea? Don’t ask procedural questions, they’ll have answers prepared. Instead, ask the right questions. The right questions that would actually get you to trust someone with this hard earned awesome house that you own, Mr/Ms/Mrs Keller Residential Property Owner.


The Right Questions

So what do the right kind of questions sound like when you are looking for the best property management company in the area of Keller? We’ve already told you what not to ask, let’s talk about what to ask. First off, ask yourself….You matter here, this is your property and you are hiring a company for its management and maintenance. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Do I trust this property management company?
  2. Do they even know property management in Keller? Local expertise is everything!
  3. Do they own any property themselves in Keller?
  4. Is my property manager even likeable?
  5. Have I spoken to this being or am I relying on a fancy online web version?
  6. All these rental analysis and area analysis bots, are they even concerned for me?
  7. Does my property management company even have the expertise required to get me the best rents in Keller?
  8. Is cheaper always better? I go for cheap haircuts but is my quarter million dollar residential property at the same worth as a haircut?
  9. What’s my gut feeling like? Vibe check!
  10. Is this foxy snitch of a person really into this for some commission?
  11. Am I going to be ripped off in terms of eviction fees, long term contracts and hidden charges?
  12.  Is this a people’s business or are they heartless robots who’ll shred you for your money?
  13. What are my property management companies’ morals like?
  14. Will they say yes to anything to get me to sign up for a deal?
  15. Lastly, do I even feel like working with this Keller property management company? Because there are a billion others.


What’s Westrom Like In Keller?

We do it the old fashioned way: from the heart, legit, clear dealings and honest, original property management. There are no frills and frocks here to hide any mismanagement, you’re getting what you see.

  1. We know Keller and Property Management like the back of our hand.
  2. Our community involvement is real and very much here, we own properties in Keller ourselves.
  3. This is the people’s business, we are not here considering you a number. For us, you’re somebody who put their heart and soul into buying a property in Keller and we are going to cherish having you forever and after.
  4. No commissions here, no compensation for management of your property.
  5. No big, bad words. Just real, honest talk directed towards what’s best for your residential property.
  6. No long snake like contracts, no shackles and handcuffs to draw you and keep you in endless bonds. You go when you like.
  7. We are not demanding any eviction fees after you are putting up an eviction notice. You’re already losing money, why’d we add to that?
  8. We know Keller, we know its people, our tenant filter is strong, we are not letting you struggle with low paying, tough to handle tenants.
  9. Our management services stand unmatched. We are recommended over and over by our long standing clientele.
  10. 25 years of good service to the people of Keller!


A Crash Course in Property Management Company Hunt

It’s a tough job finding a company that sits well with you but once you do, you’ll know it. Keller is grand enough for a focused property manager to really give it his best! Here are some generic tips to find the best property management company in Keller.

1. See Online Reviews

Not just the fake paid off tenant ones. Real ones. Look for actual people whose properties were well maintained. The bad rep follows property management companies like stench, it won’t stay hidden for long.

2. Get Referrals

Ask around, talk to people, genuinely look into the good, the bad and the ugly of your property management company. Keller is a great big market and you’ll find many hoaxes and many legit ones. Word of mouth matters so listen to the people. Maybe the high tech software is a scam to digitise human connection and treat your property like a number.

3. Meet The People

Talk to the face behind the fancy website. Yeah, it’s great they hired a good web designer but do they even know Keller Property Management or is it an afterthought with the rest of their Tarrant County clientele.

4. Talk Terms

Talk terms. Talk money. Talk details. Be crystal clear about your expectations. Keller is an excellent market for some grand property investment and you’ll need to communicate that to your property management company.

It’s not hard to find the best property management company in Keller, you just need the right direction. Trust us, you’re in the right place to start!