DIY Home Security Tips & Tricks to Burglar-Proof Your Home [Infographic]

Here at Westrom Group Property Management, we care about our clients; property owners and renters alike. We care about the homes we manage, which is why we would like to share these do-it-yourself security tips as well as this infographic for burglar-proofing your homes, by guest contributor,  Jamie O’Toole

Where do you keep your most valuable possessions? Are they hidden safely away or out where someone could easily find them?

Jewelry accounts for the greatest value of property lost in burglaries annually, and other small valuables that are easy to transport and sell rank high on the list as well. When all’s said and done, nearly $4 billion worth of property is lost due to burglary every year.

People often think that they have cleverly hidden their belongings or that they do not need to because their home is perfectly safe, but the truth is that a burglary occurs every 18 seconds in the United States, usually in the home of someone who felt that exact same way. 1.7 million burglaries a year mean your risk is greater than you might think.

So what can you do to protect your home and possessions?

Home security is something that affects nearly everyone but is often overlooked, and the consequences of this can be costly. Everyone wants to believe that no one would every break into their house, but rather than hoping for this to hold true, you can take steps to make it a reality.

The Mr. Rekey DIY Home Security Guide details the ins and outs of burglary and is full of tips and tricks to burglar-proof your home. Knowledge applied is the key to effective prevention, and the more you understand about this type of crime, the more you can do to protect yourself against it. Your safety should be your most valued possession, so take the time to make sure your home is safe before it is too late.

DIY Home Security Tips & Tricks to Burglar-Proof Your HomeInfographic